Surfroam Service UPDATE 2022

01/09/2021 - updated 01/03/2022

The last couple of years has brought many changes to our lives, usually not the best ones. We made Surfroam for travellers exclusively, but voyages became less common during the pandemic. Many guys in the industry have raised their prices dramatically or even ceased to exist. That happened with our previous supplier as well. We have been urgently forced to find the best way to continue service.

But, we have worked hard to keep our news always positive.

Everything is changing in our world, and it's time for us to change for the better!

We have launched a fantastic new Surfroam eSIM service and a new plastic SIM card. The updates allow us to provide you with a constantly updated service. A modern web app MySurfroam reflects the current country rate, balance, settings and support. Coverage with many networks in every country guarantees connectivity and value for money.


We are discontinued support for outdated SIM cards and eSIM profiles in 2022.

outdated SIM card number starts with 7*******
outdated eSIM profile Global, Global+ and Ultra number starts with 77******

The validity of the balance of any unexchanged, outdated SIM or eSIM ends on March 01, 2022.

If you like to prolong the valid balance, you may purchase a new SIM or eSIM, and we transfer it on top of the initial. Besides, we made available a low-cost Regular Mail delivery option.


If you have left a significant balance amount unused, you may prefer a replacement SIM or eSIM option. Please request your old SIM balance info before the purchase at:



 Don't hesitate to contact our support team:

We hope you have enough time for a replacement. We make every effort to carry out the process in the most convenient way.