Surfroam eSIM

Surfroam eSIM

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*includes €25 credit and eSIM profile of €15 value

It is a data-only eSIM Data Plan and does not come with a phone number.

Please check your device is compatible with eSIM before buying!
Your device should be NOT LOCKED to your carrier or region.

eSIM is a small chip built into the compatible phone instead of a physical card. Every digital Surfroam eSIM activation QR code is unique, applicable for use on one device only, and is nonrefundable once provisioned to you and activated on your device.

The Surfroam is a prepaid global internet roaming service for professional travellers to connect anywhere, anytime. Surfroam service is easy to use, with no contract or hidden fees. Worldwide 3G/4G/5G compatibility with low rate coverage from Є0.01 per MB in over 200 countries, making Surfroam the must-have service for travellers. Maximize your budget, and don't worry anymore about being extorted or infected by looking for multiple local SIM deals.

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You can spend your "pay as you go" credit for an entire year before it expires. But a refill will set the clock back, and you can use Surfroam for another year. You will not worry about running out of data with numerous payment options, including Visa, Master cards, SEPA, IBAN, Paypal, Bitcoins, etc.