All you need is Surfroam!

• Surfroam SIM comes in 3 in 1 format, all three sizes together: mini, micro and nano.

• Surfroam SIM is ready for use, it is activated and has a 15 euro balance on it.
• Surfroam SIM uses eSIM technology, and one physical SIM card carries many eSIM cards, we call it location profiles Global, Ultra, and Global+.
Every location profile provides a different set of local network access with different rates and features; that's why we have such wide coverage.
• Surfroam SIM initial balance is valid for one year (365 days), a recharge will prolong balance for one year more.
• Surfroam SIM supports all GSM-compatible bands, your device has to be unlocked and has a roaming enabling feature.
• Surfroam has the best Support Team, please don't be shy and get help anytime to set up your device!

Activation process Android

Activation process iOS

Activation process Modem