How to set up Surfroam SIM into your MiFi pocket device

In case if you use Surfroam SIM in the pocket router/MiFi etc., you need to set proper location profile on your SIM in advance using any unlocked phone with Roaming enabled.

First, you need to put Surfroam SIM in any unlocked smartphone or tablet and wait up to 10 minutes to constant signal, it is needed to get auto settings to SIM according to your current location.

Please do next:
insert Surfroam SIM into an unlocked phone in SLOT 1, turn it ON
enable Roaming on your phone settings
wait for a constant signal and take Surfroam SIM out of the phone
Place SIM into your router, turn it ON
enable roaming on your router settings
set our APN globaldata (APN globaldata, APN name globaldata, no username, no password)
Check data after a few minutes.

Welcome on board!