How to set up Surfroam APN for Android smartphone



Please make sure that your phone is UNLOCKED, it is mean that do not tie to any operator you purchased it from. If it is, so you need to get a PIN from seller to unlock.

1. Turn your phone OFF

2. Insert Surfroam SIM and turn phone ON

3. Check that Mobile data switch is ON

4. Set mobile data type to 3G

5. Check that Data Roaming switch is ON

6. Check that Automatic Carrier switch is ON

7. Turn Wi-Fi ON

• Go to

• On step Enter Internet information please enter Name = globaldata and APN = globaldata, one word small letters, other fields please do not touch.

8. Turn Wi-Fi OFF

9. Wait up to 3 minutes for constant 3G mark/signal in an upper-status bar and then check connection, for example, open Google in your browser.