How to set up Surfroam APN for Android

Please make sure that your phone is unlocked, it is mean that do not tie to any operator you purchased it from. If it is, so you need to get a PIN from the seller to unlock.

1. Turn OFF your phone and remove all SIM cards

2. Insert Surfroam SIM into SLOT 1 (alone, no other SIM present)

3. Check next:
* Mobile Data is enabled
* Data Roaming is ON
* Network type set to 2G/3G/4G automatic (GSM/WCDMA/LTE)
* Network selection is ON
* Hotspot feature turned OFF

4. Delete any present APN records (profiles)

5. Set Surfroam APN globaldata:
follow the instruction step by step
On step “Enter Internet information” please enter:
Name: globaldata
APN: globaldata

Please DO NOT CHANGE any OTHER fields
Please DO NOT CHANGE or enter APN type

6. Restart and check the connection