Quick Start Guide

Please follow instruction step by step.
Surfroam Quick Start Guide 1
Please keep your SIM card adapters for future use.
Please keep your SIM card carrier in safe place.
Surfroam Quick Start Guide 2 
APN setup fo iOS
APN setup for Android

1. go to Settings > General > Profiles > delete any installed APN profile (if present)

2. go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network

Enter APN globaldata (one word small letters no spaces) into sections Mobile Data, LTE and Hotspot if available.

Delete username and password if present.

1. go to https://www.helpforsmartphone.com

and find your phone model, go to "Setup Internet"

2. follow the instruction step by step

On step “Enter Internet information” please enter:
Name: globaldata
APN: globaldata

Please DO NOT CHANGE any OTHER fields, DO NOT CHANGE or enter APN type

 Surfroam Quick Start Guide 3

Welcome aboard!