Real world data usage with Surfroam

Your mobile data volume consumption depends on your needs, travel route, and SIM usage scenario. For example, if you go for a week or more into one country only, it is reasonable to buy a local SIM with a data bundle.
Same time, if you travel intensive, like few countries in a row including landings in airports, with the demand to be online everywhere, Surfroam made for you.
You may use Surfroam as the primary service for the initial connection, to find a local taxi, hotel, restaurant, call home, etc. right after landing.
Use hotel WiFi, neighborhood coworking office, or get local data SIM for heavy online applications, video streaming, cloud photo sync, system updates, and large files loading. In this scenario, you will need tiny amounts of mobile data on the go. Each time you go abroad, Surfroam saves your time and money.

Approximate calculation of data usage MB/hour:
- WhatsApp Call: 12MB – 45MB/hour*
- One hour of Skype call: 45MB
- Facebook Messenger Call: 19MB/hour*
- Waze usage: 5 – 15MB/hour
- Google Maps usage: 36MB/hour
- Spotify premium: 72MB – 115MB every hour
- Apple Music: 28MB – 55.5MB/hour
- Podcast streaming: an average of 60MB for 50 – 60 minutes podcast
- Watching YouTube: 100MB – 500MB/hour
- Facebook scrolling: 100MB/hour
- Instagram scrolling: 100MB/hour
- Web browsing: 60MB/hour
- Twitter scrolling: 45MB/hour
*Depending on the service quality – 2G/3G/4G

Average consumption in travel does not cost a fortune. An ordinary mobile user in the EU consumes in 2018 on average 2.6GB of mobile data per SIM monthly. The simple calculation may show you that Surfroam SIM may do a good job even at home.

Just watch video via WiFi :)