3. Surfroam PRO account

3. Surfroam PRO account

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*includes €100 credit


Surfroam PRO account extends your Surfroam SIM features to maximum available.

                NB! Currently is not available for Surfroam eSIM.

Any existing Surfroam SIM number may be activated for PRO.

Surfroam PRO account activation is free of charge. To get activation you need to pay €100, it will be loaded to your Surfroam SIM balance and PRO account activated.

The main advantage of Surfroam PRO account is access to all networks in our coverage. In each country, you will have a choice of location profiles and corresponding networks with different rates for each one. It is your decision what network to use. You may compare and choose between wider coverage, stable signal or maximum speed.

Surfroam PRO account gets access in first raw for any new updates and additional services we launch, with no additional cost.

Surfroam PRO rates for many networks are much higher and may cause extra cost involved. Using the PRO account, you have to switch location profile and choose local carrier/network manually in each new location.

Please check our entire Surfroam FAQ carefully.

Please check Surfroam PRO rates before departure for sure.