Surfroam eSIM vs Surfroam SIM

Please look at fundamental differences between regular Surfroam SIM and Surfroam eSIM profiles:

1. One regular Surfroam SIM carries onboard all three location profiles on one physical SIM card and gives you full coverage. In the case of Surfroam eSIM, there are three eSIM profiles: Global, Global+, and Ultra. Each profile gives you access to a dedicated set of countries worldwide:

Global (99+ countries with 3G/4G coverage),

Global+ (110+ countries with 3G coverage)

Ultra (63+countries with 3G/4G coverage).

You need to collect three separate eSIM profiles Ultra, Global, and Global+ to get full coverage.

2. Regular Surfroam SIM is compatible with all unlocked GSM devices. Surfroam eSIM is suitable with limited most modern gadgets only.

3. Regular Surfroam SIM cost is €15, including initial balance €15, plus shipping option cost. Each Surfroam eSIM profile cost is €20, including an initial balance of €20.

4. Regular Surfroam SIM delivered via mail, and it may take longer to receive it. Surfroam eSIM delivered electronically as a PDF file via email the same day.

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