Meet the new Surfroam PRO

Surfroam PRO account extends your Surfroam SIM features to maximum available.

Any existing Surfroam SIM number may be activated for PRO.

Surfroam PRO account activation is free of charge. To get activation you need to pay €100, it will be loaded to your Surfroam SIM balance and PRO account activated.

if the amount of your total top-up's is at least 100 euros, then we activate Surfroam PRO account without an additional fee from your side.

The main advantage of Surfroam PRO account is access to all networks in our coverage. In each country, you will have a choice of location profiles and corresponding networks with different rates for each one. It is your decision what network to use. You may compare and choose between wider coverage, stable signal or maximum speed.

Surfroam PRO account gets access in first raw for any new updates and additional services we launch, with no additional cost.

Your Surfroam PRO account stores password-protected information about your total spendings, your Surfroam SIM credentials, order history, and current order status.
For your comfort during future orders, details, such as address information, will be pre-filled from the stored data during checkout.

To fulfill all possibilities of Surfroam PRO account, we suggest using a smartphone or tablet with a full array of settings, for example, Android devices with pure OS installation.
iOS devices recommended if you prefer simplicity and do not need fine tuning and deep technical magic.
MiFi devices may fits if you need simple constant access no matter to cost of service.

Welcome aboard!