Due to the national holidays from June 23rd to June 24th, SIM cards orders dispatch starts from June 25th. eSIM dispatch processed as usual.

eSIM activation setup for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra and later models

1. Make sure you have strong WiFi signal
2. Go to Settings > Connections

3. Tap on SIM card manager

4. Select Add mobile plan

5. Go at the bottom of the page ‘Other ways to add plans’ and choose “Add Using QR code”

6. Position the QR Code within the guided lines to scan it

7. Once the Surfroam plan has been detected, tap on Add

8. When your plan has been registered, select OK to turn on the plan

9. Once you have activated your eSIM, you can view it in SIM card manager

10. In SIM card manager in the Preferred SIM card section, tap on Mobile data and select your new eSIM as preferred.

11. Back in the Connections menu, tap on Mobile networks and put the Data roaming feature ON

12. Then you need to set up the Surfroam APN:

Name: globaldata
APN : globaldata

13. Then disable your WiFi in the Connections menu

14. Check connection.