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What is Surfroam?

How can I get Surfroam SIM card?

How to get Help?

How do I view my Surfroam balance and usage history? Is it secure?

Can I make phone calls with my Surfroam SIM?

Can I send and receive SMS with Surfroam?

Will my Surfroam SIM card expire?

I lost my Surfroam SIM card, what to do?

What types of networks Surfroam support, 2G, 3G, 4G?

What kind of mobile phone or device do I need?

How do I know if my mobile device is unlocked?

What is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot?

What are the advantages of using a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with a Surfroam SIM?

Why do I use my data more quickly with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot?

Does the Surfroam SIM have a PIN lock?

Can I suspend my Surfroam service and reactivate it at a later date?

How can I understand your rates? How much is GB cost?

What are Global, Global+ and Ultra Location profile marks in Surfroam Rates?

Your device network frequencies (bands) support when traveling

Getting started

How to get started with your Surfroam SIM card

Get connected in USA

Using Surfroam SIM card on a Apple iPhone

Using Surfroam SIM card on a Apple iPad

How to check my Surfroam SIM balance?

How to check my Surfroam SIM UK +44 SMS number?

What is EU Internet in my mobile phone settings? Do I need to turn it ON or OFF?

Can I use the Personal Hotspot function on my iOS device to share my data plan?

Using Surfroam SIM card on a Android device

Troubleshooting connectivity problems

My mobile device is telling me that the “SIM is not accepted”.

My mobile device doesn’t show any reception and/or saying “emergency calls only”

I can see reception and carrier name, but I can’t connect to the internet. (“You are not subscribed to a cellular date service”)

How to contact Surfroam technical support?

I need nano, micro or mini SIM?

How to check / select the right Location profile?

How to find the SIM TOOLKIT / SERVICES Menu?

My Surfroam SIM card loses the network connection after a short while

Orders, Payments and Shipping

How can I get Surfroam SIM card?


What is UPS WORLDWIDE EXPRESS® shipping?

How to track my order?

How Surfroam delivery / shipping package looks like?

Do I need to activate Surfroam SIM upon receiving?

I do not receive my order in many days, what do I do?

How can I pay to Surfroam?

How can I top-up Surfroam SIM balance?

Do I have to pay dormant fee?


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